Current AmeriCorps Members

As current AmeriCorps member serving in the state, there are many ways to stay connected to fellow Corps members. Serve Rhode Island also has multiple social media tools that members can sign up with to get the latest Rhode Island AmeriCorps information. Serve Rhode Island also sponsors statewide service days and initiatives for its funded programs.

Stay connected through our Facebook, Twitter, and the RI AmeriCorps Blog.

The InterCorps Council (ICC)

The InterCorps Council is a collaborative of AmeriCorps representatives from all Serve Rhode Island funded programs. General ICC meetings are held monthly, but may increase to bi-monthly depending on the time of year (e.g. National AmeriCorps Week). Members facilitate and take minutes for each meeting, except for the orientation, which is set up by Sever Rhode Island. Facilitators are responsible for working with Serve Rhode Island to set up the meeting and set the agenda. Facilitators and recorders are assigned at the end of each meeting. The agenda is distributed in advance through the ICC ListServ and blog. Agendas for ICC meetings typically include an icebreaker, program updates, event and service project planning, goals to be accomplished by the end of the meeting, etc.

ICC Member Responsibilities
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Act as liaison between the ICC, Program and Serve Rhode Island
  • Lead a minimum of one meeting (setup meeting and agenda)
  • Take minutes a minimum of one meeting
  • Share information about his/her program with other members
  • Participate in planning statewide activities, events and service projects
  • Post to the ICC blog - Any corps member can contribute information to the blog but the representative does the actual posting

Justice Talks

The Justice Talks – Civic Reflection Series is a unique discussion and reflection civic engagement. 2010-2011 is the fifth year of Justice Talks, which is presented in partnership between Serve Rhode Island, the Feinstein Institute for Public Service at Providence College, and Rhode Island Campus Compact. Justice Talks was initially brought to Rhode Island by former staff of the former RI Service Alliance (now known as Serve Rhode Island) and the RI Council for Humanities.

Through this form of civic reflection, which is the practice of reading and discussing with an intentional group of people, participants build stronger bonds with one another; become familiar with authors and writers who have wrestled with similar social issues; respond to community issues with more creativity; and reflect deeply on how they want to participate in civic life – both on a short-term and long-term basis.

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