9/11 Projo Op-Ed from SRI Executive Director


Bernard Beaudreau: 9/11 and the call to service

There’s a wonderfully human thing that happens in great crisis and disaster. Immediately during and long after grim events people pull together and help each other out. A community of caring is created out of suffering and the resilience of human hearts heals the wounds. When we join in the face of adversity, we can persist and ultimately love more than hate.

Nobody could have imagined the terrifying and saddening barbarism that unfolded on Sept. 11, 2001. It was an abrupt turning point in our history, redefining the American experience and placing a new fear deep in the national psyche. The terrorist attacks that day took nearly 3,000 lives; sadly, the lives of more than twice that number of American soldiers have been lost in the wars against terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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