Serve Rhode Island recruits and mobilizes volunteers in times of natural disasters

Natural disaster volunteersSince 2010, Serve Rhode Island has played a key role in the state by recruiting and mobilizing thousands of volunteers who has responded to a range of natural disasters in our state. 

Serve Rhode Island is the only statewide volunteer center that has the ability to recruit volunteers through its Volunteer Portal and mobilize volunteers when needed. Our agency has partnered with key emergency response organizations over the last four years and has seen the invaluable impact that volunteers have made in disaster relief and response efforts.

Serve Rhode Island Disaster Volunteers in Action

  • Serve Rhode Island recruited and mobilized 1,200 volunteers during Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

  • In response to snow storms in 2013 and 2014, 100 volunteers were mobilized to remove snow for 200 elderly and disabled RI residents

Sign up today to become a Serve Rhode Island disaster volunteer!

  • Register with Serve Rhode Island's Volunteer Portal

  • When registering, select “Yes, we may contact you in the event of a disaster”

  • You will be contacted directly by our staff in the lead up to and during an actual disaster


"Volunteering is a way to show my gratitude to the many elderly and disabled residents who have given to the community I live in." 

- William Volpe


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