For Volunteer Managers

Volunteer Managers build capacity for non-profits, health organizations and government agencies. By recruiting, managing and sustaining relationships with volunteers, volunteer managers help organizations across the state of Rhode Island serve and strengthen their communities. Serve Rhode Island supports the work of Volunteer Managers by providing valuable resources and networking opportunities! Take a look at what we have to offer you!

Volunteer Managers Association of Rhode Island

Volunteer Managers whose organizations are part of Serve Rhode Island's Agency Membership Program are automatically included in the Volunteer Managers Association of Rhode Island (VMARI).

Resources for Volunteer Managers

Download one of Serve Rhode Island's written resources to help increase volunteerism within your organization! Also, check out our Volunteer Manager's DVD on the sidebar!

  1. Toolkit: Volunteering for Faith-Based Organizations and Congregations
    This is a guide to help both congregations who are just getting started and those who have been providing services for many years. The toolkit aims to:
    • Encourage and aid faith groups in starting a service project within their own congregation or with another organization.
    • Provide information and assistance to existing faith-based organiation whether they are struggling to survive or are stable.
    • Promote volunteerism in faith-based communities.
  2. Volunteer Managers Handbook
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