Family Volunteer Program

"A volunteering family, regardless of how it is configured whether two-parent, single parent, inter-generational, etc., benefits the community, benefits itself, and the nation at large. Through volunteer activities, families enrich their relationships with one another, gaining insights into the challenges of other human beings."

Family volunteering can be initiated by young children, by teenagers, by grandparents, or by anyone who has an interest in contributing to their community. The Volunteer Center is part of a national movement to make family volunteering the norm in America and invites you to do the same. All of families can make a difference by getting involved in family volunteering.

Serve Rhode Island works to increase family volunteerism by:

  • Educating families on the benefits of volunteering as a unit
  • Educating non-profit agencies of the value of utilizing families as a volunteer resource and empowering them with the resources and skills to do that.
  • Educating corporations of the needs and benefits associated with including families in their Employee Volunteer Programs.
  • Providing ideas for family volunteers. Read the Benefits and Ideas page.

For more information about how your family can share a tradition of caring, please contact Serve Rhode Island at (401) 331-2298 or e-mail

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