Serve Rhode Island’s SAFE-D Program

Serve Rhode Island recruits and deployed hundreds of volunteers after major floods, hurricanes and major snowstorms.  We have helped some of the most vulnerable people, including low-income, elderly and disabled residents.

Last January and February of 2014, Serve Rhode Island implemented a volunteer mobilization project to assist elderly and disabled residents after major snowstorms. Our SAFE-D (Storm Assistance For Elderly and Disabled) program recruited and mobilized 78 volunteers to complete 248 snow-shoveling assignments after 5 major storms for some very grateful elderly and disabled RI residents, sparing them risk of injury and bringing them relief.

Serve Rhode Island was able to accomplish this because we have a staff of 6 paid and 4 VISTA volunteers who have learned how to mobilize and deploy volunteers during these events.

This volunteer-based storm-response program is not free.While recipients of our services pay no fee and volunteers receive no pay, our system of connecting those who volunteer to those who need cannot happen without a paid professional staff. 

For every volunteer placement we need to check backgrounds and match the qualifications, locations and availabilities of volunteers to residents in need in a timely, around-the-clock process that completes each storm clean up response within a 24 to 36 hour time frame.  This takes the exertion, dedication and skill of a paid professional staff team.

We are a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization and we rely on donations and grants to maintain our operations. It costs Serve Rhode Island on average $2,500 in staff time, per major snow stormin order to address the more than 100 resident requests for snow removal we will receive.  A contribution of $25 will connect one volunteer to a resident in need of snow removal.

Please consider a financial contribution to Serve Rhode Island’s SAFE-D program.  It will help us connect neighbors with neighbors in times of need.

Be a neighbor helping your neighbor.  Please donate today.

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