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The Generations of Learning AmeriCorps program helps K-5 students in Woonsocket, RI reach and sustain grade-level reading proficiency.

AmeriCorps members can serve in a few different capacities:

  • AmeriCorps members can assist classroom teachers during the school day by providing academic support and supplementary instruction in small reading groups.
  • During the after-school program, members assist in interactive and engaging STEM and arts programs that reinforce classroom instruction.
  • During summer camp programs, members participate in and collaborate with our partners on fun filled, STEM focused, hands on activities in our schools.

How to Apply


The program recruits individuals of all ages so that different generations can encourage, support, and transform the lives of children in Woonsocket.

To start the process you can submit an application through my.americorps.gov or email a resume to sshaw@ccfcenter.org

Additional Info


There are multiple ways to serve:

  1. Full Time (1700 hours over the course of a school year)
  2. Half Time (900 hours over the course of a school year)
  3. Minimum Time (300 hours during the summer camp program) 

All AmeriCorps members will get benefits including, trainings, a living stipend, and an education award.

If you are ready to change a child's negative school experience to a positive; impact a community through service; or be the change you want to see in the world, send you resume to sshaw@ccf.org