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If you are ready to make a difference in your community and want to learn new job skills, join AmeriCorps! Create a profile, search for opportunities in Rhode Island (or other states), and apply online. 

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Three branches of Americorps


AmeriCorps State and National supports a wide range of local service programs that engage thousands of Americans in intensive community service each year. Members commit to full-time or part-time positions offered by a network of nonprofit community organizations and public agency, to fulfill assignments in the fields of education, public safety, health care, and environmental protection.


AmeriCorps VISTA members are passionate and committed to their mission to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Members make a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at a nonprofit organization or public agency. They focus their efforts to build the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity of organizations that fight illiteracy, improve health services, foster economic development, and otherwise assist low-income communities.


AmeriCorps NCCC members travel the country strengthening communities and developing leadership skills on diverse teams. Members serve full-time for 10 months to address community needs and respond to disasters. AmeriCorps NCCC is comprised of two distinct service tracks: Traditional Corps and FEMA Corps.

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